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Farm Camp Photos.

Thank you for sharing your children with us! We certainly have been growing memories & harvesting fun, and we thought we'd share the fun with you. We try really hard to take at least one photo of each child feeding a calf while they are on the farm. We are truly sorry if we missed one. We also have some more photos & videos to show you what we all did on the farm. Enjoy! 

We uploaded to Google Photos albums:  

Regular Farm Camp:  June 13-16 {Chick's Hatch}

Regular Farm Camp: June 20-22 {Younger Farmers} 

All Little Farmers 2022

Calf Camps 2022

Regular Farm Camp: July & August 

Advanced Camp 2022

>>>>>>> Cows gave birth during many weeks of Farm Camp for the

campers to witness. Check out this video from our first week of camp. 

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