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Frequently Asked Questions

Location:  We are located at 5545 County Road Y – West Bend, WI 53095. Just 2.5 miles south of Hwy 33 (Newburg) on the west side of the road; you will be arriving at a dairy farm. Please use Google Maps, as maps on an iPhone have been known to take people 2 miles north of our farm.

Call 262-689-7521 with any questions. 


Arrival Time/Check-In: When selecting your reservation time, please keep in mind this will be the time your sleigh departs – we recommend arriving at least 20-30 minutes early. After parking, walk to the tan building to check-in.


Is my ticket transferable? Yes, be aware that once a ticket is purchased it is NONREFUNDABLE; however you can transfer your ticket to any other person.

Why don't you do more rides? At this time, we choose to do 12 public nights and a couple private rides (24+ people). We are dairy farmers and simply do this adventures because it brings our family JOY and hope it does the same for you. With our young families and the farm, we want to offer the best experience each night we do rides - and therefore, don't want to over commit ourselves. Our horses can do six rides per night, and we will try to hire another team of horses on our most popular nights.

Thank you for your support!

How much does it cost? You can find the prices when you click on the purple button at the top or bottom of this page. Once you click on the calendar of availabilites & click the specific time, you will see the prices for adults/children.  

What if we have a group of 14 - can we be on the same wagon? We say that 12 adults fit comfortably on the wagon, but if you're willing to squeeze-in we can allow a couple extra (you know the size of your group better than we do). We consider adding spots if you have a group of adults and children, as the children don't typically take up a full spot. In order to do this, please call us and we can override the 12 limit or book your group internally. 


What if there isn't snow? We certainly hope for snow, but with the unpredictable Wisconsin winters we may need to use a wagon instead of a sleigh. We will not cancel a ride because there is no snow. Wilbur & Clyde will still take you through our trails lit with Christmas lights for a magical experience.  

What about bad weather?  Bad weather is determined by Roden Barnyard Adventures. We define bad weather as dangerous to the horses. We make every attempt to fulfill your reservation. Rarely will snow stop us from doing sleigh rides. We groom the trails just prior to your sleigh ride. A snow storm is great for sleigh rides. The most common threat that would cause us to cancel is; lightning, freezing rain, or temperatures below 10 degrees (this is hard on the horse’s lungs). Other than those 3 reasons we will perform the sleigh rides and no refund would be awarded. You will be notified via the email you registered, 3 hours prior to your scheduled reservation if we cancel.


What can/can't I bring?  You can bring any social beverage that you would like. Moderation is the key. We also have a small concession stand and ask you to support: hot chocolate, apple cider and popcorn. Please refrain from those items. Most other food items are fine. Bring a crockpot of food and eat dinner inside, or marshmallows for around the fire. Please contact us for more details regarding pizza.

Do I need to bring my own blanket?  It is recommended to bring a blanket as we do not have enough for everyone. If you forget or do not have one we have several horse hair blankets available for you to use. Do dress warm because our sleigh rides are outdoors. Once the sun sets the temperatures drop quite a bit.


What is the cancellation policy?  There are NO refunds. Treat these tickets like a Packer ticket or concert ticket. Once a ticket is purchased there is no refund. You may however transfer ticket to any other person. In the event of dangerous weather, we will notify you via email.  In the event of unsafe weather, we will make every attempt to reschedule or refund your ticket price (your preference). 


How will I be notified if the event is cancelled?  In the event of dangerous weather T.B.D. by Roden Barnyard Adventures, we will notify you via email. We will use the email address that you registered when buying your ticket. We will make every attempt to notify you as early as possible however no later than 3 hours prior to your scheduled reservation.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

...We look forward to spending the most wonderful time of the year with you! 

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