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Farm Camp

2023 Summer Farm Camp Dates

June 13, 14, 15 [Little Farmers]

June 19-22 [Baby Chicks]

June 26-29 [Calf Camp]

July 10-13 [Calf Camp]

July 17-20 [Regular Camp]

July 24-27 [Regular Camp]

August 8, 9, 10 [Little Farmers]

August 14-16 [Advanced Camp] 

Since the summer of 2014, Roden Barnyard Adventures has been committed to growing memories and harvesting fun for all ages. Our camps offer children a wide variety of activities that allow them to be creative, be responsible, work hard, respect others - all while having a DAIRY good time! Come experience all that agriculture has to offer you by signing up for our Farm Camp! It's going to be a DAIRY good summer. 

Let's make it a DAIRY good summer!

Farm Camp Descriptions

Registration opens January 14

Limited spots; Please choose only 1 week

(excluding Advanced Camp)

*If you attend more than 1 week,

you will only receive one t-shirt

Registration closes May 1 

Full amount due to reserve spot 

[Scholarships Available]


Cancellation Policy:

  • Before June 1 - 75% Refund

  • 2+ weeks before - 50% Refund 

  • Less than 1 week - No Refund


Download 2023 Camp Details   

Download What to Bring to Camp   



Scholarships will be awarded to applicants in various amounts based on qualifications. Funding is limited and not guaranteed. Please provide as much detail so the committee can choose the best candidates for our scholarships. 

Applications due March 1



We are seeking creative and organized camp counselors to join our growing camp. Must be mature and responsible when working with youth ages 4-14. Must have some background in farming or agriculture.

*INTERNS: Apply before February 15

*Other COWnselors: Apply before April 1



*Interest & Knowledge of Agriculture

*First Aid & CPR training (preference)

*Great with children

Starting Pay: $8.00 per hour

Age Preference: 16+

*Mandatory counselor training in March/April

and one prep day in June

Available Positions:


Must be great with kids, and confident leading the campers in organized activities. You will play a key role in educating our campers about agriculture by leading in a positive manner. You will collaborate with other counselors to plan and lead activities for the campers.(16 years old)



Similar to a COW-nselor, however, must be in college & willing to take an extra leadership role. For example, planning lessons, leading new activities & possibly overlooking day-to-day operations. 

COW-nselor in Training: 

Must be responsible to work with youth ages 4-13. We prefer if you have attended camp as a camper in previous years, but it is not required.Prefer youth to be 14+ years old for this position. VOLUNTEER POSITION.

Camp Descriptions

Farm Camp Descriptions

Little Farmers (ages 4-6)

Do you have a little one who love animals (specifically cows) and the outdoors? Camp will start each morning by feeding the baby calves a bottle of milk, going on a wagon ride, and making a dairy good snack. Campers will play in the corn pit, visit the animals, enjoy story time, make crafts, participate in outdoor activities and enjoy free time throughout their week. There will be a different theme each day, so Little Farmers can choose to attend one day or all of them. We offer half day (8AM-11AM) or full day (8AM-2PM). 

Regular Farm Camp (ages 7-12) 

This camp is for those kids who want to learn more about the dairy farm all while having a dairy good time! Each morning we will start by feeding the calves, cleaning their bottles and giving them fresh water - then helping with other daily chores. We will make our own snacks and crafts, participate in obstacle races, water games and scavenger hunts. We will have a lesson each day about different aspects of agriculture, and we always have free time for you to choose your fun - corn pit, sand box, calf time, chicken coop, etc.

...And possibly see a calf being born! Last day of camp includes a pizza party for lunch, and families can join us at the end of the camp day for a farm tour and ice cream social. 

Calf Camp (9-14) 

This camp is for those who want to spend hours with the calves each day. There will be similar morning chores to the regular farm camp, and then more interaction with a calf that they share with a partner. Campers will have the chance to walk and wash the calf, after spending much time training them and getting to know them better. Last day of camp includes a pizza party for lunch, and families can join us at the end of the camp day to meet your calf and enjoy an ice cream social. 

Advanced Farm Camp  (10-14)

An advanced version of Farm Camp with more morning chores and more real-life farm scenarios in a game form. Campers will work on teams of 3-4 people to complete challenges each day; One team will be determined the winner on day 3. Pick a teammate that is strong, smart, speedy or maybe short to help you succeed at each challenge. Example of Challenges: Assemble a calf pen. Run through the corn maze to find a clue. Measure the length of the barn. Calculate the feed rations. Clean the water tanks. Use the balloon launcher or squirt guns. Move a straw bale. Climb over a gate. 

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